Let the little children come to me...

Matthew 19:14


Our children's program begins with dynamic worship in which the children participate using gestures they learn, as well as call and response! Children will leave the session lifting their voices up to the Lord and having learned how to share Christ with others using simple techniques to remember the simple message of the Gospel! 

pablo de los santos' top 5

There are some questions everyone wants to know the answers to. Hard-hitting reporter Pablo De Los Santos is not afraid to ask the Top 5! But might he be afraid of the answers? Can Ricky answer all of Pablo's questions concisely, engagingly, and in enough time before the children have to go to lunch? Pablo makes use of his handy-dandy gameshow buzzer to effectively interrupt the message of the Gospel, but the Word is powerful, and will be preached, no matter who  may try to stop it! 


Based on Philippians 4:11-13, this adorable skit features the endearing Jenny and Paco, two puppets well on in their years, complaining about their lot in life and wishing they were somewhere else and under different circumstances.  


Everyone's favorite Puerto Rican grandparents are back!! This time, Jenny wants to see what it feels like to be a superhero and have her own crew of sidekicks! This comedy of errors and will have everyone in the room in hysterics as Paco and Jenny try to communicate effectively and finally come to realize that life is pretty good just the way God has planned it! 


Island Correspondent Pablo De Los Santos sits down with everyone's favorite Abuelo: Super Paco! The interview proves more difficult than fruitful when Paco fails to make his entrance. In this drama, you'll meet a loveable member of Pablo de Los Santos' production staff as everyone tries to figure out where in world Super Paco can be! 


This colorful, interactive, puppet skit features good friends Pablo and Jenny, who are learning about the power in the name of Jesus! Their faith is tested when a special [uninvited] guest shows up to challenge them as well as the children in the audience!


This musical drama featuring the song Via Dolorosa begins with a comical interaction between Jesus and 'Jennifer' and ends with a depiction of how while we were still sinners, Christ died for us! 


This Christmas-themed musical skit consists of two scenes. In the first scene, Jennifer is caught up in the commercialization of Christmas. The second scene unfolds with Jennifer singing the song Mary, Did You Know? as she realizes the true meaning of Christmas. 


In this two-scene musical skit, Jennifer is challenged to trust Jesus beyond what she can see. She accepts the challenge and is excited by her new relationship with the Lord. But, will she continue to trust Him even when all is lost and things seem impossible? The musical scene finds Jennifer falling for a boy and before she knows it, Jennifer is feeling so low that the only place left to look…is up! Singing Jesus, Hold Me Now, Jennifer finds comfort at the feet of Jesus

Bible-based message

Exploring age-appropriate real-life application, children learn the meaning of forming a personal and intimate relationship with the Savior. 

What does God's word say about bullying? What does it say about thinking mean thoughts? What does it say about failing, even when you try your very best? These and many other questions are answered using the Holy Scriptures. Children will learn that all the answers to life's questions...can be found in none other than God's Word!